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    Simple facts

    • Hydration must be accomplished around the clock
    • It is best to consume cool water (40-50º F)
    • Sports drinks (<8% solids) are ok but not necessary with activity less than 90minutes
    • Making weight by restricting fluid harms performance, re-hydration takes time

    Hydration Do’s & Don’ts

    • Don’t wait until thirsty to drink water
    • Drink more than enough to satisfy your thirst
    • Drink more than you think you need before an event or practice
    • Take weather into consideration
    • Don’t discount your needs when it is cool
    • During activity – drink 6-8 oz of cool water every 15-20 minutes
    • Heat illness can be deadly serious

    Tips for increasing glycogen levels

    • Eat breakfast every day
    • Select meals with all five food groups
    • Use snacks to power up on starch
    • Decrease activity day before event
    • Drink plenty of fluids

    Pre-game Meal Guidelines

    • Allow time for digestion, about 2-3 hours
    • Choose starchy foods for easy digestion
    • Moderate amounts of protein only, digestion occurs more slowly
    • Limit fats/ oils due to long digestion period
    • Restrict sugary foods > can cause swings in blood glucose levels and lead to energy lows
    • Avoid caffeinated drinks, can cause increased urine output
    • Causes dehydration & discomfort
    • Avoid foods that produce gas
    • Choose foods that you like and agree with you
    • Drink fluids with all meals & snacks

    Fueling for All Day Events

    • Eat several mini meals
      • About 300cal
    • Careful of sugars and fats
    • Healthy snack foods including:
      • Fresh fruits/juices
      • breadsticks/crackers
      • String cheese
      • bread/jelly
      • Yogurt milk

    Post Event Meal for Recovery

    • Eat whole foods which include proteins, vitamins, minerals in addition to carbs vs carb supplements
    • You need 1gm of carbohydrate per kilo of body wt for recovery
    • Ideally, eat within 2 hours afterward if you can tolerate it
    • Drink plenty of fluids