Transfer and Promotion Information

  • Article XII, Section 2 of the CSEA contract with PUSD states, "A Voluntary Transfer shall be defined as a change in work location, but not in job class or salary, which is initiated at the employee's request."

    Article XII, Section 4 states that, "Permanent employees may bid for vacant promotional positions." This is defined as aposition in a higher job class from the one the employee is currently in, within the CSEA bargaining unit.

    All positions listed below are open for Transfer and/or Promotional Opportunity. These positions are for internal District candidates only.

    • Transfer candidates must submit a Transfer/Promotion Bid Application to be considered for a transfer.
    • Promotional candidates must submit a Transfer/Promotion Bid Application, along with a Classified Application and supporting documentation, to be considered for a promotional position.

    Bid Applications may be submitted via email to, or delivered (by hand, US Mail, or via the pony) to the Human Resources Department, Suite E, at the district offices. If applying for a promotional opportunity, you can click on the link below for a classified application, directly linked and forwarded to the Human Resources Department. Vacancies are posted here for five (5) working days, and if there are no candidates for transfer or promotion, the position is then made available to the general public.

    Candidates may not apply for a transfer or promotion if they have not been in their current position for a minimum of six months, as stated in Article XII, Section 2(e) and 4(d).