Pittsburg Robotics Team

  •       Welcome to the Pittsburg Robotics Webpage.

          We have built robots for two competitions, Vex and FIRST. The Vex competition requires six robots from the team, and the FRC required one larger and it's a way more complicated robot. 

          The team is open for grants, sponsorship, and other financial oportunities that helped fund money necessary to travel to competition locations and buy parts(that we use to build the robot's). Regarding the parts, thank you Andy Mark! If the team ever has any problems. questions, or suggestions about the entirety of the competition including the robot, Chief Delphi is always there for us.

          Having a robotics team enables members to enhance technical, software, and communal skills.  Every team member is diplomatic and respects the presence of disversity within the team (in multiple ways i.e. race, skills, personality, looks, backround, etc).





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           Pittsburg High School Room F107

           Jack Gillespie and Beth Traub

           (925)-473-2390 x7748